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Update City!

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So, this will be short and sweet. In the coming days, I will be launching runLBP.com. This will be no longer affiliated with wordpress or any other blog, but rather, with the help of my roommate Mike Krisch, will be my very own website. It will be the same idea, just I will have my own template and more control of the site. It will also have some separate pages with videos and Runion articles.

So, if you have been a visitor of runlbp.wordpress.com, then please be a visitor of my new site. I will immediately post a link once we have published the site and feel it ready for worldwide scrutiny.

The weekly journal entry with training news will be posted as the first article on the new site. Hopefully you get the time to check it out!

Let’s Go!

That’s the Midwest for ya.

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Walt's Scamper with Xmas lights.

The above picture is my Dad’s camper (legitimately called a Scamp) that has gotten him some mileage throughout the years. My Dad knows how to bargain; he once traded $60 and two jars of salsa for an old Toyota truck…his salsa is really good. This picture of the camper was last year’s Xmas card for Walt.

I finally made it back to Michigan, and it was just in time for a Christmas filled with gusting winds and accompanying rainfall that wiped all the snow away. I think DC and Michigan decided to switch their normal weather patterns for the past week.

Not to worry, last night the snow returned and its back to me sliding my way through my runs. I like snow running though. I try not to even look at my watch and just go out for the mile markers that I know in Bath, of which there are plenty. I feel like more of a badass with snow running, maybe it’s because the air seems thinner due to the cold or the small steps I take so carefully so as not to fall (not to say I haven’t bitten the dust a few too many times on these roads.)

But, the show must go on, especially in Man Month, so I continue to go out in weather like the picture that follows (although this pic is from last year, the snow is almost at this height already):

SNOW RUNNING!!!! (note the orange vest so that I am not mistaken for deer)

The running went pretty well last week. Was able to do a 4 mile tempo and then got in some 200s yesterday after getting a day off this week because of the holidays. Yesterday, thanks to the rain, I got up to the old high school track and pounded out 12×200 with a 200 jog. It was meant to be a get used to your pace type workout so they were each supposed to be in the 30 second range.

Thanks to the gusting winds, I was a little varied on the times hitting anything from 30point high to 28point low. Overall it was a good workout, and even in the sub-freezing temperatures I was able to get in a solid workout.

My racing schedule is still non-existent for the sole reason that we don’t know what races I will be able to get into. Hopefully I’m in good enough shape to get into some of the bigger US indoor meets. I will be sure to keep everyone updated.

And in great news, expect an announcement sometime after the new year about an update to runLBP…it’s exciting stuff.

Let’s Go!

An extra writing treat.

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So this is an odd occurrence of having two posts in one week, but I have been solo in the apartment with some LOUD music playing, and it reminded me of a great game my brother and I used to play…this was something I turned in to my memoirs class as a short exercise. And try out Dylan’s “Changing of the Guards”…its awesome.

Changing of the Guards

The music fades in and Bob Dylan’s voice sings: “Sixteen Years”

I stand with my hands locked in a grasp behind me and my hips thrusting outward as my brother, Will, stands before me with a tennis ball in his hand and his arm cocked back in a ready to throw position.

Three women echo him: “Sixteen Years!”

His forearm rolls forward and his fingers release the ball and it flies through the air towards me in a stretched out parabola as my face winces in horror. It hits me in my chest and drops to the ground. I reach down, grab it, cock my arm back and see Will with his arms behind him and in the same position I had occupied.

“Over the fields,” Dylan sings now.

The women echo him again, “Over the fields!”

It is now me throwing the ball at my brother, it is a lob, but let there be no lie about it, we are trying to hurt one another.

It happens every time “Changing of the Guards” comes on.

The rules are simple: Every time the women sing we get to try to hit the other in the genitalia with a tennis ball from a respectable distance. We take turns throwing the ball back and forth. Up until the saxophone solo, or a time we refer to as “chaos,” when the ball is thrown back at your opponent at any point you have it. With approximately 30 moments where the women sing and five sax solos that can result in up to five throws each solo, we are throwing a ball at each other 40 times in the seven minute song. The game ends when someone quits, which is usually when they have been struck.

“Peace will come,” Dylan sings in the last verse.

I brace myself and close my eyes.

“Peace will come,” the backup singers shout.

Will’s throw connects.

What a shot to the nuts.


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city's don't know how to handle snowfall.

As far as running goes, I don’t like snow too much. However, that is only because yesterday when I needed to get in my long run it was snowing too much to actually be able to move without slipping every step so I spent an hour and twenty minutes on a treadmill. There are only so many songs you can listen to or shows you can watch before you inevitably get bored on there. And I dare you to listen to Pearl Jam’s “Leash” and not amp up the miles per hour on the treadmill.

In terms of snow and not running, it is pretty awesome. DC shuts down. It is quiet as can be and even though it’s impossible to get around, you just accept that you’re not going to be doing much. I did get stranded for two extra days in DC and wont be making it home until Tuesday. I can’t really complain though since I’ll be chilling in my apartment without any roommates to stop me from listening to the music I want as loudly as possible. There is a good chance the windows break when I rock out to “Cowgirl in the Sand” tomorrow on full volume.

I’m pretty excited for the holidays and heading home for a few days. It’s funny how I was meant to not be in Michigan for too long because of the weather. Look at where that got me.

not so easy running.

The running wont be backed off too much. Still some serious base work to be done before I start racing again in January. Hit my usual 70 miles this week with the main workout being an 8 mile pickup run. We started out at 6 minute pace and worked our way down to 5:03 for the last mile finishing up the entire 8 in 43:50…definitely quicker than I’ve ever run that many miles before.

Pretty soon here I’ll get back to some fun stuff on the track…I’m looking forward to getting out there and actually doing some racing. It’s almost go time…

Let’s Go!


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December has been a great month for me. I don’t mind the cold (that’s what being a Michigan boy does for you), school is almost over (just a 20 page story about racing trains due this Wednesday), and it is MAN MONTH.

Man Month is something my brother, our buddy Kevin Verge, and I started about a year ago. At the risk of sounding like a misogynist pig, we do everything in these months as manly as possible. So that means I’m running hard, lifting hard, eating steak raw…you know, the basics.

Man Month is a way for us all to make sure that we are getting things done, and getting them done right. Say it was today and it was rainy and cold and I didn’t really feel like going for my run…Man Month makes you go for your runs.

This year, Alan Weeth joined in with Kevin, Will and I for Man Month, he has done nothing but act manly. The champion of his bowling league, he has continually sent out pictures of him eating skyline chili, there is even rumor that his arms no longer fit in his shirts, because his muscles have become too big.

The funny thing about Man Month for me is that it really got things rolling for me in its original installment. February of ’09 was the original Man Month. However, I knew that I was running in a fast mile on January the 31st. I moved the month one day up, and for the first time in my life, a 3 was the first number listed in my mile time.

God, I love Man Month…

Breaking 4 during Man Month

And now each week I’ll put a little bit more in there about my actual running life. Don’t worry, the completely non-running related topics (although in my life pretty much everything makes its way back to running in some way or another) will continue on, but there will be some more training oriented issues talked about.

This week was a pretty relaxed one, with some more strength based stuff that I have been working on as the main attraction. Tuesday we did a 6xmile workout that ended up being a pretty tough one. It was one of the times where coach had originally told me I would be doing 5, but then at the last second decided that 6 was better.

There’s no real secret to “by-mile” workouts, usually just 60 seconds rest in between each one. So my group clicked off miles of 4:56, 4:56, 4:56, 4:55, then instead of the 60 seconds, we were only given 45, and we ran 4:52 then were given only 30 seconds and ran a 4:49 final mile. The rest is what kills you on that one.

Hit my usual 70 miles for the week with a nice long run with the team down around the monuments. Let’s Go!

Tempo Runs…

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Having nothing to do with this entry...photo proof of the Thanksgiving Football game.

There are a few times every year where I really question the whole “I want to be a runner thing.” It always seems to happen during a tempo run. I hate tempo runs.

For those unaware, a tempo run is, scientifically speaking, running at your aerobic threshold for a long time, most often in the 20-30 minute range. In layman’s terms, this means being on the edge of trying really hard, but not quite running all out for that period of time. In my terms, it means that it sucks.

Tempo runs are the kind of thing that feel really good for about 10 minutes, and then your body slowly starts to let you know that you’re not supposed to be doing this. Everything starts to shut down, the legs become heavy, the stomach begins to tie up in knots, the shoulders stiffen. But then you have another 10 to 20 minutes to go.

Paul O’Neil of Sports Illustrated once wrote:

“A man who sets out to become an artist at the mile is something like a man who sets out to discover the most graceful method of being hanged. No matter how logical his plans, he can not carry them out without physical suffering.” – “A Man Conquers Himself,” May 31, 1956

I feel this way about tempo runs.

As it turns out, the tempo being one of my weaknesses, Coach Henner has made sure that I have improved upon it. Last fall’s training log was filled with 8 mile tempos, he even through a 10-miler in there once so that I would learn to focus for 55 minutes.

And even as my tempos have improved, they haven’t become any more fun. This past Friday was a 6 miler with three freshman on the team. What was meant to be a progression run of miles at 6:00, 5:50, 5:40, 5:30, 5:20, and finally 5:10 turned into a nice little 6 miler that went 5:37, 5:40, 5:36, 5:31, 5:14, 5:04.

There will be plenty more tempos, and there will be plenty more of me complaining to myself that I have to do them. However, I understand what they mean, and I’ll continue to give them my best shot. The worst part will be the tempo tummy that follows.

A World Champ and Two All-Americans, what a bunch of losers…

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The fantastic work of my step-dad...too bad it couldn't lead to fantastic work on the football field.

I spent Thanksgiving in New York this past weekend. My mom, step-dad and little sister made the drive out from Michigan to spend the holiday at my brother’s apartment on the Upper West Side. They had a place rented out for the weekend near Times Square, but I was lodged up near Columbia the whole weekend.

Thanks to two separate dinners, I had my fill of turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and green beans and gravy and apple pie and ice cream and cupcakes (only thanks to a trip to Magnolia for the caboose of that list).

The highlight of Thanksgiving day may have been the first (and most likely last) “Boylan, Fanta, DiCrescenzo,Boylan-Pett Turkey Football Game.”

In a backyard football game that took place in Riverside Park, My brother, Will, quarterbacked a team of himself, my mom, and my sister, Annie. My team included my step-dad, Charlie, and Delilah.

To give more meaning to the title of this entry, Charlie is a World Champion Taxidermist. No Joke. The guy is incredible at stuffing animals. If you ever kill a deer or a turkey and want it kept as a memento, look no further than http://www.fantataxidermy.com for all your needs. Then, add in the fact that Delilah and I were both All-Americans in the last track races of our NCAA careers, we had a pretty stacked team.

However, it doesn’t always work out the way that you think it would. In a defensive duel that yielded only 3 touchdowns, my leadership led to nothing but a letdown. On one play I even took out Delilah and seriously jeopardized both of our running careers. We ended up just fine, and I also made the catch.

In the end, with Delilah threatening to “throw the game,” my Mom made the game-winning catch as the sun set on the leaf covered field. 14-7, the World Champ and the All-Americans lose. What can ya do?

There was some running this weekend, but as in all Thanksgiving weekend runs, they weren’t the lightest. The mileage keeps on upping and the workouts will start to pick up soon enough, but for now its miles and miles.

Will Run For Food – Mike Krisch Edition

November 24, 2009 - One Response

NCAA Cross Country Nationals were today. I never had any experience with this event because every one of my cross country seasons were gross under-achievements. I love XC, it is the only place where there is just one champion, and it is done in the most true way, through a race.

This edition of runLBP is a straight dedication to Andrew Bumbalough and Mike Krisch for winning All-American certificates with their 8th and 32nd place finishes at the NCAA meet. Since Krisch is my current roommate, he gets even more of a shout out.

What follows is the video I directed, produced, edited and starred in for a journalism class I took last spring. It features myself, and my two current roommates Mike Krisch and Alex Mason. The first couple of minutes are boring, but once the eating contest starts, things start getting pretty exciting. Enjoy…

Tom Petty: Running Down My Dreams

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Get outta here, Petty.



I am semi convinced that Tom Petty is trying to ruin my life. I am also worried that he has threatened the creators of Pandora and iTunes’ Genius with their lives. (For those not familiar, Pandora and Genius take a band that you like and try to create playlists that have similar musical qualities with bands you maybe haven’t listened to as much.)

Those two hunches have been contrived in light of recent Pandora and iTunes’ Genius ventures. It seems that everywhere I turn Tom Petty shows up in my playlists. I had enjoyed rocking a Refreshments/Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers radio station, however, Petty kept on showing up. Even after multiple thumbs down he was all over me. Then, I tried to use my iPod to go with some of my more familiar music. I decided that I wanted a playlist with songs similar to “Thunder Road” – four to five Petty songs show up, I think there are only four to five Petty songs on that iPod! He is legitimately everywhere. And I know Tom Petty has made some great songs, but I could use some breathing room.

Which brings me to the point of this supposed running blog: Running with music. I am neither a proponent or opponent. We received iPod shuffles at NCAAs last year, so I have donned it on a run or two, but I have found that I run a little too fast with it. My Mom listens to radio shows on her, but for me that would make the act of running even boringer (I understand that isn’t a word).

However,  it’s time for me to write a news broadcast for my basic news writing class…talk about boringer. I leave you with a picture from my Columbia days for no reason other than the fact that Brian Horneck posted it on his facebook not too long ago. It is after HEPS 1500 my sophomore year, Horneck, Gabe Johnston and I went 2-5-6, signaling the beginning of a middle distance domination of HEPS for years to come.


Horneck, Gabe, and I Hugging. (this picture was captured at a perfect time, in real life we held that hug for less than half a second...frozen in time)